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Privacy Policy



Providing free wifi is a great way to engage and develop customer relationships. It does however come with some responsibilities such as how is the data collected stored and is it compliant with the Information Commissioner’s Office?

The answer is that all of our partner providers are registered with the ICO as data controllers and the data is stored on redundant storage arrays and backed up nightly.  Utilising the latest SSL encryption techniques ensures your customer’s data is safe and secure.


This is a permission-based marketing, so any customer who logs in must give their permission to share their data with you, in the same way that any social media app requests your permission to install.

Typical information stored is from Facebook includes, but not limited to; Full name / Date of birth/ Age / Email address / Relationship Status / Significant other / Gender / Place of work / Place of education / Home town / Current location / Favourite sports teams/people/quotes  / Number of friends / Number of followers / Facebook ID / Twitter ID / Linkedin ID / Google+ page / Last visit

It’s possible to set Facebook Likes as compulsory, meaning a user must like your page in order to access free WiFi.  Email addresses are captured from Facebook, LinkedIn and Google logins.  You don’t get email addresses from Twitter users, that’s a limitation of the Twitter API.


How do I get started

We will supply you with a special pre-configured WiFi wireless router. All you do is simply connect the box up to your existing internet connection and you’ll be online within seconds!

What social media networks do you support?

We have packages that support Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

I have several venues around my area can you support this?

Yes. One of our packages is specifically designed to support multiple venues. This allows management of your sites from a single point within your management portal. From here you can control the features each of your venues have access to. This is particularly useful if marketing is handled locally.

What exactly is social WiFi?

It’s a way for you to make your marketing much more effective. It allows you to collect data from your customers by offering them free WiFi, with a socially-enabled login through Facebook and others. To access the internet in your venue, customers must log in using a social media account. They will then be prompted to automatically interact with your company’s social media pages, be this through tweets, Facebook likes, posts etc, in exchange for access to free WiFi. There is an option to login for customers without a social media account.

My visitor doesn’t use social media - what then?

It’s possible to log in using a verified and registered email address. Your customer selects “I don’t use any of these services” on the main login screen, where they will be directed to supply an email address. Once they have done so, they will receive a link to click to verify. They must do this while connected to your WiFi and the process needs to be completed only once. When an email address has been registered, the user can use it at of your 'connected' WiFi venue